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This is the home of Chatterbox, your new communications officer. Newsletters and communications are professionally delivered to clients and members on behalf of corporations, small businesses, clubs, and NPOs.

Our Rates and Services

Please download the PDF document with a short description of our services and rates.

How does it work

These are the basics of our operations. Please contact us should you have any questions.

We render professional e-mail communication services. This could be for regular communications, newsletters, or ad hoc announcements.

When you sign up we will create your account, enable your domain (*required) to send communications, create a subscription form you can embed on your website, and let your users subscribe.

When you need to send a communication you send us the information and we will compile an email. We will send you drafts to be approved and the final will only be send out once you give the go-ahead.

Some fees are paid per service but you have to pay a monthly fee based on your number of subscribers to your list/s, and the number of e-mails we need to send for you.

To get started download the rate table below and email us.


Send professional e-mail communications!

Download the document with rate tables to get started!


Contact Info
We DO NOT do Zoom calls or phone calls.
All communications via email and WhatsApp text.

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